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About us
We believe that collaborations, creative solutions and inspiring ideas bring Web3 adoption to the next level.

We enable people to explore and engage with amazing projects in
Our mission is to scale user communities of cutting-edge startups using the power of content creation and influencer relationships.
We are thrilled about Web3 adoption all around the globe.
Before Web3 we worked with
Our portfolio includes solutions for many Fortune 500 companies
Our clients
From go-to-market strategies to content production and influencer collaborations execution
Our work approach
Every solution we create and execute is based on in-depth consumer desires and measurable transparent targets.
Since marketing is everywhere, we build and create meaning and value through every piece of content, every influencer's collaboration, and every slide in strategy presentations for our customers and partners.
We do not promote just to promote
We create exceptional solutions for customers to help them grow on a long-term basis, rather than pump, flip and quit.
We build to exist rather than exit
Our team
Our team is passionate about content creation, creative solutions, and growth techniques
Working with influencers since 2012 – from brand collaborations to producing shows and web series on Youtube

Co-founded and scaled an EdTech platform and private business community that helps Western FMCG brands launch e-commerce businesses in China

Purchased the first BTC in 2017
Hong Kong / Moscow
Crypto enthusiast, evangelist of biohacking and transhumanism, TEDx Speaker
Entrepreneur, Influencer,
TGS Co-Founder
Greg Mustreader
Kaş, Turkey
200k+ subscribers on both YouTube and Telegram
130k+ subscribers on TikTok

Host and producer of top-charting podcasts
Co-founder of a podcasting studio

Purchased the first BTC in 2013
Web3 enthusiast
Author of the book ''The Future of You''
Built a top 3 influencer company in the Eastern EU
Entrepreneur, Trendspotter,
TGS Co-Founder
Konstantin Volgapov
Web3 enthusiasts working every day to provide the best service and make our clients happy
Meet our team
  • Artyom Warab
    Head of Influencer Buying
  • Darina Kaytukova
    Content Lead
  • Danil Tan
    Influencer Scout
  • Paul Bart
    Tech Marketing specialist
  • Max Chernov
    Personal Brand Partner
  • Maya Litvina
    Talent Acquisition Partner
We also have our own fully-equipped podcasting studio
Our production team includes:
For our clients and their communities
What we do
For TimeX, an Australian DEX, we have launched and scaled a community with personalized content from the founder and the team and hot topics livestreams
For 50x.com, a DEX backed by quantum computing, we have built an educational Web3-entry hub
For MOOW, a next-gen M2E game, we have built a G2M strategy and its execution: fine-tuning the positioning, producing content, promoting via influencers
Web3 is rapidly developing every month and every day, so we strive to provide our clients with fast responses to any questions and challenges. However, we also aim to work wisely by taking a deep dive in any project or any area, which enables us to achieve more while doing less.
High speed of deep dive
We focus on solutions that provide best results and increase the value of our customer's products for the audience. It does not matter who brings an idea to the table — what matters is that it works.
Best ideas win
All our team members are deeply engaged and take personal responsibility for their part of workload. We believe it to be the only way to create outstanding value for our clients.
Own your work
Web3 for us is a big part of the future of humanity. The solutions we create for our clients help make the world a better place. We believe that decentralization will help us build a society that is just, transparent, and thriving.
Progress is king
TGS is built on our core personal values and work ethic
Principles and Values
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